When Yore Oyster was launched in September 2014, our mission was simple: to make travel better. And through the subsequent conversations we've had with tens of thousands of travelers across the globe, we've been doing exactly that.to make travel better.

We value a few things here at Yore Oyster. First and foremost, making travel magical. Not only are we committed to saving you money on your flights, but we're committed to doing everything in our power to ensure your trip is the absolute best it can be. It's no wonder that over 25% of our clients are repeats, and that over 50% of them are referrals!

Second, we employ creative solutions to solve difficult problems. We're not interested in doing things the same way they've been done before - instead, we're thinking way outside of the box to find new ways of doing things, even if they make us more than a bit uncomfortable.

And third, we believe in constant learning and improvement. We recognize that we aren't perfect, and also that every day is a new opportunity for us to get one step closer. We solicit feedback from our clients and are constantly making changes to how we operate to ensure that your needs are always met and surpassed.

As you'd expect, we're a remote company. Some days we work from the sandy beaches of Southeast Asia, other days from the top of Europe's most impressive mountains, and others still from the booming metropolises of South America. Just about the only place you're not likely to find us is in our hometown Toronto.

We couldn't be more excited to have you as a guest. All that we ask is that you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Jordan Bishop
Founder, Yore Oyster

Year in Review
First, the process of finding a flight sucks. And spending the hours often required to find the best flight really sucks. So we tackled this first, and in so doing saved travelers hours of search time and thousands of dollars on their flights. From Melbourne to Zurich, Cape Town to Buenos Aires, Bangkok to our beloved hometown Toronto, and everywhere in between, our clients know how we've made flying better. In the next few months, we'll be taking this concept to new heights - expect faster service and bigger savings, all delivered by tools you've never before seen. We're excited to bring that to you before Christmas of this year.

Second, we learned that knowledge delivered in small, digestable chunks, is infinitely more valuable than an incomprehensible mass of unintelligible information. We're committed to sharing the best information in the industry, like our ever-popular post How To Fly From Asia To North America For $75, to keep you in the know with critical info that will enhance your life with travel, not consume it.

But thirdly and most importantly, we learned that more than anything, you want to experience that inspired feeling of traveling wherever you are. For that, we have a brand new solution. Take an uninhibited look into the lives of the world's most interesting travelers, everyone from startup founders to bicycle mechanics to Olympic athletes, to hear why they travel and the items they bring along when they're going from A to B. We call it How I Travel, and I'm pretty sure you're going to like it.

So that's what we're up to this year. Cheaper flights in even greater abundance, more easy-to-digest information to keep you travel-ready, and inspiration from the world's best travelers. What more could you ask for? No wonder we're excited to get started!

Jordan Bishop
Founder, Yore Oyster